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Technical Background

With the passion of health in the heart for all mankind, Gano Excel was founded by Mr. Leow Soon Seng in 1985, Founder and President of Gano Excel Inernational. He is optimistic that Gano Excel products will emerge as a major player in the Wellness Industry.

Ganoderma is the scientific name for mushrooms. There are approximately 2,500 species of Ganoderma in the world and the number is increasing as researchers detect more and more species. These discoveries act as catalysts for Gano Excel in the Ganoderma research. From the initial interest in orchid plantation and the medicinal properties of various herbs, Mr. Leow Soon Seng started a research on various species of mushrooms in Malaysia in 1983.

He discovered that the temperature (28oC - 32oC) and level of humidity in Malaysia were very conducive for cultivating Ganoderma. After conducting different types of tests and experiments, he found that Ganoderma lucidum has the highest therapeutic value compared to other types of mushrooms.

Although there were 200 species of the plant, six types had the greatest medicinal properties. Subsequently, these six species were used to produce all Ganoderma related products in Gano Excel. Mr Leow has adopted the tissue culture and 100% organic method for the cultivation of Ganoderma. He used paddy husks, brown rice flour and rubber trees scrapes as a medium of plantation. No chemicals, pesticides or hormones are used in the cultivation.

Exposure to the sun is also controlled to ensure that the therapeutic properties are not lost. It takes 3 months for Ganoderma to mature before it is harvested under close supervision.

By using modern and sophisticated technology at all levels from cultivation, production, R & D and right up to marketing, Mr. Leow Soon Seng who is also the founder and president of Gano Excel International is optimistic that Gano Excel will emerge as the major player in the wellness industry.